5 Helpful Tips For Speeding Up Your Printer

Dealing with a slow printer can be a hassle, especially when you have to print out a pile of papers for your next work meeting. Instead of losing your mind and throwing your printer out the window, you should figure out a way to fix the problem. Here are five helpful tips for speeding up your printer.

Disable Images When Printing Webpages

If you are printing a webpage, you will probably see several logos and other photos on it. All of these images will not just use up more ink; they will also slow down the entire printing process. An easy way to avoid this problem is to just disable the images before hitting the print button.

Add More RAM to Your Printer

Your printer has a certain amount of Random Access Memory (RAM), which stores documents before they are ready to print. If your printer has been slow lately, you might want to think about adding more RAM to it. It is pretty inexpensive and can make your printer print out documents faster. 

Make Sure There is a Good Connection

If your printer is not connected to your computer through a USB port, it will generally run a little slower. You can speed things up by connecting your printer to your computer's router. If you only have a wireless connection, try putting your printer as close to your computer as possible.

Convert PDF Files to Word Documents

If you have ever tried printing out PDF files, you know how they can slow down your printer. Instead of getting frustrated, try converting your PDF files to Word documents. It will not take very long to do and will speed things up.

Only Use Black Ink

Even if your documents come out in black and white, they can still be made out of various colors. The more colors your printer uses, the slower it will print. That is why you should always specifically choose the black ink option when the printing dialogue box pops up. Printing in black ink will also help you save some money on ink costs.

A slow printer can be a very annoying issue, but it can be fixed quite easily. If you follow these helpful tips, you can speed up your printer and receive your documents a lot faster. If your printer is still too slow, you may want to get it serviced by a professionals, such as Samco Printers Ltd, soon.