Look Dear... No Cards!! Wedding Invitations Without A Card

The time is here!! You are finally joining the ranks of the approximately 162 thousand couples who said "I do" in 2014. You now have to send out wedding invitations, but you might not know where to start. If you are a green enthusiast who wants to cut your carbon footprint then going paperless might be the way for you to send out the nuptial invites. One way to do this is by sending out email or text messages with the RSVP being sent back the same way.

However, if you wish for a unique way to send out those invites, here are a few other card-less ideas that might appeal to you. The important thing is to use an idea that reflects you as a couple.

Invitations for everyday use

If you are tickled at the thought of giving invitations to your guests that they can use in their homes for years to come, then you might consider giving handkerchiefs, dish towels (also called tea towels), mini cutting boards or even paper candle holders that are printed with the information to your nuptial arrangements. Since these have more than one surface, each side can be used. You might even want to add a picture of you and your spouse and/or a map with directions to the event. 

This can be a relatively easy do-it-yourself project to print from home with the majority of the cost centered on buying the base materials in your designated colors. The cost per handkerchief can go up to about 75 cents or you could make them yourself from cotton or linen cloth. Make your own dish towels too, from cloth costing between $5.50 to $7 per yard.

Engraved raves

Other ideas that can promote eco-friendliness with a cool style include the use of engravings. For these, you can certainly get your message carved into wood, metal or plastic. Depending on the style you choose, it is possible to get these done in a 3-D depiction of something significant to you as a couple, such as the place you met or the space you plan to use for exchanging your vows. 

Getting this done can also be a DIY-inspired treat depending on your time and budget. For this project, you would need to do some research as to the best method of engraving for the material of choice. However, someone with experience as well as their own equipment or rented lasers can make an invitation that will be remembered for its unique qualities as well as its aesthetic appeal.

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