4 Tips To Advertise Your New Startup

You had an idea and decided to share it with the world: that's how most startup companies are born. Building your own business can be an immensely rewarding experience, but it's not without its own share of challenges. Acquiring customers can be particularly difficult in the early days when you don't have social clout and years of experience behind you. That's where effective advertising comes in. Here are four tips to help you advertise your new startup:

1. Utilize flyers.

Telling prospective customers about your business is well and good, but remember that people often have limited attention spans. Among everything else people need to recall in their day to day lives, they're not likely to remember your business name, let alone your website. This is where flyers come in. If you get into a conversation with someone about your startup, give them an informational flyer to peruse later at their leisure.

Remember that everything associated with your business represents your business. That means you can't skimp on promotional materials. Have your flyers printed by a professional printing company like Color Copies Today. Tri-fold brochures are an excellent way to present lots of information in a visually appealing way that isn't overwhelming; they're also small enough for people to tuck into their coat pockets or purses.

2. Host an event.

When people think of event planning, they often think of huge, expensive extravaganzas. However, a successful marketing event can be as simple as holding an open house in your building where you offer light refreshments and introduce people to your services. If your business is brand new, take the opportunity to garner community attention by throwing a grand opening.

3. Reach out to news outlets.

As they say, all publicity is good for business. Try to get your startup featured in news outlets to spread the word. This may sound like an impossible dream, but remember you can start small. Reach out to local newspapers and bloggers and tell them a little about your company. Most news sources are happy to promote local small businesses, especially if they have a good story to offer.

4. Start a blog.

All companies have websites these days, but static websites aren't very useful when it comes to obtaining new customers. A blog is a great way to get more eyes on your website. Write short, informative blog posts about your industry that will get your website indexed on search engines. People will visit your website for your free content, but they may become customers if they like the services you have on offer.