3 Things To Expect From The Latest-Generation Office Copy Machine

Copy machines have been a main staple in business offices for a lot of years, and these pieces of equipment are still just as valuable in spite of the availability of digital documents. Offering the primary function of making paper copies quickly, copiers really have this primary purpose and use, but the latest versions are far more capable of offering more functions. Technology touches everything, and the regular office copier is a more advanced machine than what it has ever been before. Take a look at some of the ways new technology has evolved the way the average office copier functions and what services it can provide.

Copiers can now be used to send an email. 

Fax machines have pretty much fallen out of popularity these days thanks to the ability to send an email instead. Many copy machines are still capable of sending and receiving a fax, but most modern machines are now designed so that email can be sent directly from the machine. For instance, if you have a paper document you need to email to a recipient, simply place the document in the copier, input the recipient's email address, and hit send. An onboard interface that connects to wifi and allows integration with multiple email platforms makes this process easy. 

Copiers can now make copies from a digital document in the cloud. 

If you don't have a physical copy of what it is you need to reproduce, you can pull a copy from the cloud and make your copies from a digital version. Best of all, some modern copiers are set up to do so without the need to be connected to a controlling device. For instance, you can use the copier's interface to access an online data storage place in the cloud, retrieve what it is you need copies of, input how many copies you need, and get what you need. 

Copiers can have 3D printing capabilities. 

It sounds a little like something straight out of a sci-fi flick, but there are 3D copy machines in the works that can not only make plain paper copies of regular documents but also create prototype 3D copies of things as well. Say you have a small replica of a new product you plan to release, and you need multiple pieces to show off at the next board meeting. You could place your object inside the copier and get the prototypes printed.

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