3 Reasons Why It Makes Sense for a Company to Lease a Copy Machine

Almost all companies need at least one copy machine in their office; many companies require multiple copiers to accomplish their daily tasks. If you own a company or manage a company's corporate office, you will need to decide whether to purchase a copy machine or opt to lease one instead. In many cases, opting to lease a copy machine comes with a lot more advantages than buying a copy machine outright. Some of the top reasons a company should opt to lease a copy machine for their office instead of buying one include:

Reserve Capital

One of the reasons that leasing copy machines is so popular is because of the low upfront costs. A commercial-grade copy machine that has the necessary capabilities for office use is typically very expensive. Most companies have strict budgets and pay close attention to their bottom line, so spending thousands of dollars on a piece of office equipment can be difficult financially. This is especially true if a company needs more than one copy machine.

Some companies that lease copy machines do not require a down payment, while others may require a small amount upfront. Leasing a copy machine just requires one simple monthly payment, so it is much easier to budget for.

No Maintenance

Copy machines are complex pieces of machinery, so they need to be maintained regularly. In some cases, repairs may be necessary. In most cases, the copy machine leasing company is responsible for all maintenance and repairs during the lease period. Thus, if your company leases a copy machine, you will not be responsible for maintaining it or paying for repairs.

Some lease agreements also state that the leasing company will replace toner and ink as needed. Not having to worry about paying for repairs or maintenance is one of the big perks of leasing a commercial-grade copy machine.

Ability to Upgrade

If your company spends a large amount of money buying a copy machine, it will most likely be expected that the machine will be used for several years. Over that time, the copy machine can become outdated and lack the technology updates that new copy machines have. On the other hand, leasing gives your company the ability to upgrade your equipment. When the lease ends on a copy machine, you can opt to lease a newer model that may have top of the line features and capabilities. 

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