4 Ways to Take Better Care of Your Copier

If you want to make sure that you don't have to call for maintenance on your office copier all the time, it is time to change how you treat your office copier. If you treat your office copier a little better, it will run more efficiently and not need as much attention.

#1 Change the Location of Your Printer

You don't want your printer to be located somewhere where it is going to accumulate extra dust. You also don't want your copier located next to somewhere where it is going to get hot.

The copier should not be located near any heat source or high-traffic area. It should have room to breathe and for air to freely circulate around it. This will help prevent your copier from overheating or the parts from getting damaged from dust.

#2 Watch Where Your Store Your Paper

Second, pay attention to where you store your paper. If you store your paper somewhere humid, that moisture can be transferred to your printer via the paper. Make sure that you keep your paper stored somewhere that is nice and dry in order to keep your printer working effectively.

#3 Keep the Lid Shut

Do not leave the lid open on your copier. The longer the lid is open, the more dust could get on the surface of the copier. Additionally, the longer the lid is open, the greater the risk of the drum getting damaged. Only keep the copier lid open for as long as needed, and when it's not in use, make sure that the copier lid is kept closed.

#4 Don't Set Things On Top of the Copier

The copier is not a desk or a table. You should not rest other items on top of the copier, including reams of paper. Applying excess pressure to the copier could damage the lid and other components on the printer.

#5 Change the Toner On Time

The toner is very important to the overall function of your copier/printer. When a message pops up saying that you need to change the toner, do not ignore it. Ignoring a message to change the toner is like ignoring a warning on your vehicle that your oil is low; you may be able to keep driving, but you are going to do damage to your vehicle.

Don't avoid changing the toner because you think your copies are still coming out looking nice. Your copier knows what it needs, so when it says to change the toner, do so immediately.

Reduce maintenance calls on your copier by keeping it somewhere cool and dry. Be sure to keep the lid shut when you are not actually using the copier, and don't turn the top of a copier into a desk or table space. Finally, be sure to always change the toner on time, regardless of the quality of the copies your copier is producing. Following these steps should help reduce the number of times that your office copier and printer are out of commission.

If your copier needs to be serviced to get it back into peak performance, contact a local printing servicing company, such as COPIER CONSULTING CORP.