Tips For Designing And Printing The Best Posters

Carefully design and print your posters for the best outcome without overblowing your budget. Everything from the design to the printing medium will affect the poster quality. Below are a few tips for high-quality posters.

Design the Poster With the Right Graphic Format

Vector design is possible in two main formats, each with pros and cons. Vector design consists of lines or curves that connect anchored dots. Vector design is great for posters of different sizes because its resolution does not depend on the design or printer size. Thus, you can use small and big posters without lowering the print resolution or sharpness.

Raster design comprises pixels (tiny dots) that lose their resolution upon enlargement. The resolution change occurs because each image contains a finite number of pixels. Thus, you should only use raster graphics if you plan to print posters of the same size and have already decided on the dimensions.

Send the Work in PDF

You can send your work to the printer in various formats, but PDF (portable document format) is ideal. For one, PDF has a strong graphic foundation, so files don't lose graphic quality when you change them to PDF format. Secondly, PDF handles various document and image types, including text, images, and spreadsheets. The files are also small and easy to send.

Choose the Right Printing Paper

Apart from the design, the printing paper also determines the final poster look. Consider the following when choosing the printing paper:

  • How long you want the posters to last
  • Where you will put up the posters (for example, outdoors or indoors)
  • The significance of poster aesthetics for you
  • Your budget

For example, print outdoor posters on weather-resistant paper, especially if you want them to last a long time. Otherwise, you might waste money by frequent poster reprinting.

Choose the Printing Service Wisely

Lastly, contact a few printing services and compare their services. Here are a few details you need to help you with the comparison:

  • How long the printing will take
  • The type of printers they use
  • The cost of the order
  • Whether they use your selected paper
  • The extra services they offer, such as UV coating

For example, UV coating is necessary for outdoor posters to prevent weather damage. You need to get all the services in one printing shop for cost and time management. Therefore, if you want outdoor posters, choose a printing shop offering UV coating. For more information on commercial printing, contact a professional near you.