4 Things You Need To Understand About The 4 Color Process Printing

There are various color processes that are used to print images. If you want to print high-quality images, it is helpful to understand the different printing process that you employ for printing out images. The four color process Little AR, also referred to as CMYK, is a process that is used to make professional looking prints.

1. Four Colors Are Used to Create All Images

Four color process printing or CMYK gets its name from the fact that only four colors are used to create all images. The four base colors that are used to create all the other colors in the image are black, yellow, magenta, and cyan.

With the CMYK process, only these four colors are used in the printing process. These four colors are combined together to great other colors and to create the full image.

2. Dots Are Used to Make the Image

With CMYK process, dots are used to make the image. Very tiny dots of the four base colors are used to create the overall image. The dots are printed at different angles and in different sizes to make the overall printed image. The colors are layered and combined to create the full range of colors that exist in the source image.

Using just four colors, almost the entire spectrum of colors can be reproduced. This helps simplify the color and printing process.

3. Images Are Broken Down Into Four Color Values

Before the image is printed, the image is broken down into four different color values. This is a process that is called color separation. The process of breaking down an image into four different color values is achieved by using software. It can also be achieved by using a photographic film with a special graphic arts camera.

4. CMYK Is A Cost Effective Printing Method

The CMYK printing process is a printing method that is very cost-effective. It costs less to use four colors to create an image than it does to create an image with a traditional printer that requires not only ink but toner as well. CMYK printing is also more affordable than digital prints for large quantity print runs.

When a print run is really large, CMYK is one of the most cost-effective methods for printing large quantities of an image. CMYK is commonly used for commercial printing purposes due to its cost effectiveness.

The 4 color process, or CMYK is a process where an image is broken down into four different color values. Then, four basic colors are recreate the image using a process of printing dots. This is a cost effective printing method for large-run prints.