4 Options For Pop-Up Fabric Banner Displays

Effective advertising materials can draw customers' attention and distinguish your company. Electronic advertising has its place. However, physical advertising can be more effective at conferences, trade shows, and other live events. Pop-up fabric banners can be used to complete your next booth or table at any such event. These banners are designed to be freestanding and attention-grabbing. Here are four options that business owners have at their disposal when purchasing pop-up fabric banners:

1. Have your pop-up fabric banner custom-designed.

Custom-made fabric banners allow business owners to put their own spin on their advertising materials. A pop-up fabric banner featuring your company's colors, logo, and slogans will make it easy to identify your company's booth in a crowd. Custom graphics and photographs can further enhance your fabric banner. Commercial printers have all the equipment necessary to design and print an ideal fabric banner for any need.

2. Choose the dimensions that best suit your needs.

Pop-up fabric banners can be printed in a variety of sizes. Large pop-up banners can be several feet tall. These banners are ideal for use as photo backdrops, red carpet backgrounds, and more. Clients who primarily intend to use their pop-up fabric banners at small venues can take advantage of compact banners instead. Pop-up fabric banners can be created in sizes small enough to fit atop a table, counter, or other display. You can even order multiple pop-up fabric banners to complement each other at events and trade shows.

3. Invest in LED lights for nighttime use.

Pop-up fabric banners are printed on durable, water-resistant canvas. Unlike digital screens, fabric banners are not backlit. However, you can still use your fabric banners for nighttime events when you invest in LED illumination. Pop-up fabric banners can be outfitted with long-lasting LED lights in neutral white or complementary colors. LED lights can be engaged or disabled at will, making your pop-up fabric banner perfect for use at any time of the day or night. 

4. Take advantage of professional installation services.

Finally, you can take advantage of professional installation services when ordering a pop-up fabric banner. Pop-up fabric banners are supported by sturdy yet lightweight frames that can be transported easily. Professional banner installation can help you get your fabric banner ready for its first use. During installation, technicians will mount your fabric banner on its frame, stretching it taut to remove wrinkles and ensure even tension throughout.

To learn more about pop-up fabric banner displays, contact printing services in your area.