5 Size-Boosting Display Printing Tips For Small Trade Show Booths

Trade show floor space does not always come easy. Consequently, small business owners can't always afford to invest in large booth spaces. If you fall into this category — don't fret. There are a number of printing practices that you can apply to make your booth appear larger than it is and stand out from the competition. 1. Maximize Vertical Space You might not have a lot of floor space, but you have a great deal of floor space if you look up. [Read More]

Six Distinctive And Different Baby Shower Gifts

If you are heading to a baby shower, bring a gift that is distinctive, different, and sure to please any parent. Instead of the usual diaper bag or baby book, bring something that is sure to be cherished long after the guests go home. Is someone special expecting? Give one of these six distinctive and different baby shower gifts: 1.       Custom Photo Blanket Give the baby warm and snuggly custom photo blankets. [Read More]

4 Things You Need To Understand About The 4 Color Process Printing

There are various color processes that are used to print images. If you want to print high-quality images, it is helpful to understand the different printing process that you employ for printing out images. The four color process Little AR, also referred to as CMYK, is a process that is used to make professional looking prints. 1. Four Colors Are Used to Create All Images Four color process printing or CMYK gets its name from the fact that only four colors are used to create all images. [Read More]

3 Keys To Creating Effective Labels For Your Company's Products

The labels on your products play a pivotal role in getting consumers to make a purchase. You can't just throw any labels on your products and expect them to work, though. You need to take these calculated steps to improve sales and boost your company's brand.  Be Strategic with Fonts If your product labels are going to have wording, it's essential to be strategic with what font you choose. Not all are created equal. [Read More]