3 Advantages Of Print Advertising

When you're choosing your advertising method, you might be overwhelmed by the dizzying array of different methods that are available. You can advertise on the television, online, in magazines, and on billboards. With all of the new technology, many companies are neglecting print advertising in order to focus on advertising with other media. However, there are three advantages of print advertising that cannot be duplicated if you are advertising in any other way.

1. You Often Have More of a Consumer's Undivided Attention

When people are on the Internet, they likely have six or seven tabs open and are listening to music or a video while they are trying to keep up with the news about their favorite celebrity or band. When a person is reading a magazine or a newspaper, he or she is reading only it. He or she is likely not doing anything else because it's really hard to have five or six magazines open at the same time, which is the real world equivalent of having multiple tabs open. If you have a consumer's undivided attention, then you have a much better chance of making an impression on that consumer, rather than being one more obstacle to look past in order to skim an online article.

2. The Consumer Can Take the Advertisement With Them

Suppose that you have an advertisement in a fashion magazine. If a reader likes the handbag or jewelry that you are advertising, then he or she can clip out your advertisement and take it with him or her to the store in order to remember the brand. No one prints out advertisements from the Internet, and it's often too much work for people to bother to take out their phones and navigate to any advertisements that they might have saved.

Having a clipping of an ad in your pocket is a tangible reminder of what's available and what items you, at least momentarily, feel you had to have.

3. Young People Buy Magazines

More people between the ages of 18 and 24 are reading fashion magazines and men's magazines than they have in the past few decades. This is an important figure because these are the people who create pop culture trends. If a sizable chunk of a magazine's readership starts wearing your brand or purchasing your products, they will influence more of their peers to do the same. This will create a widening bubble that will hit a much larger age range and increase the exposure of your product to the masses.

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