5 Size-Boosting Display Printing Tips For Small Trade Show Booths

Trade show floor space does not always come easy. Consequently, small business owners can't always afford to invest in large booth spaces. If you fall into this category — don't fret. There are a number of printing practices that you can apply to make your booth appear larger than it is and stand out from the competition.

1. Maximize Vertical Space

You might not have a lot of floor space, but you have a great deal of floor space if you look up. Make sure you maximize your ability to go upwards with your print displays. Tall banner signs or other options are a great start. However, find out if the exhibit has any height restrictions first to ensure you're in compliance. 

2. Choose a Monochromatic Color Scheme

Creating color contrasts is a great way to make an area look bolder, but strong contrasts can also create a sense of separation. For a small space, printed displays in contrasting colors can make your booth appear even smaller. With a monochromatic color scheme, you use the same color, in different hues, throughout the display. As a result, the display can make the area look open and larger. 

3. Avoid Bold Backgrounds

You might want to take it easy when it comes to bold backgrounds. For instance, you might not want to create printed displays in a deep black, or even red. Bold colors have a constricting effect that can almost make your booth feel like its closing in on itself. You might want to choose backgrounds in lighter colors to brighten and open the area. 

4. Reduce the Clutter

Don't try to put too much content on your printed displays. Too much information on retractable banners, posters, and other displays create a sense of clutter. Clutter breeds chaos, and for an already small space, it can make the entire setup look bad. Keep your printed material light, and only include the information that is most important to the display.

5. Lead With Quality

Ensure your partner with a professional. Don't head to your local copy shop and think you can design and print your own material. More than likely, you will end up with a poor-quality design if you do so. Pair an already small space with low-quality prints and the result will never be good. You might be small, but your booth should look just as great as the larger companies. 

Pair with a trade show display printing company who can help you maximize your booth space and bring your ideas and concepts to life.