3 Tips for Getting a Great Canvas Print

Canvas prints have become an increasingly popular way to display one's favorites pictures. When it comes to transferring a picture onto a canvas print, there are a few tips and tricks you should know in order to get the best results.

Retouch the Picture

If you are using an older picture, you will want to run the picture through a photo editing program. A photo editing program can be used to repair any issues with the pictures. You can get rid of red eyes in a picture of people. You can fix any over or under-exposure issues. You can even clean the picture up in general to give it a more polished and professional look.

Choose the Right Shape

You want the shape of the canvas to work with the shape of the picture. You are going to want to consider the orientation of the picture when you took it. If you took the picture using landscape mode, you will want to use a long horizontal rectangular canvas. If you took a full-length picture of someone, you are going to want to go with a tall vertical rectangular canvas. If you took a close-up shot of something, and you want the picture to fill the whole board, a square canvas may look best.

Work with the shape of the picture and the orientation of the primary subject to choose the best layout. Most canvas print companies have online tools that allow you to see what your picture will look like on different shaped canvases; use those tools to find the most flattering canvas shape for your picture.

Consider Where You Can Hang the Canvas

Next, when it comes to picking the canvas size, you are going to want to consider where you want to hang it. If you are adding the canvas to a picture wall full of other pictures and canvases, you might want to go with a smaller canvas size. If you are putting the canvas up on a big blank wall, you may want to go with a larger canvas size to fill the wall and make a statement. If you already have a few canvases hanging up where you want to put the new one, consider getting your new canvas in a similar size so that they look good together.

When printing a picture for your canvas, use a photo editing program to clean up the picture. Choose a shape that works with the orientation of the picture and flatters the subject. When choosing a sized canvas, consider the size of the wall and the size of other canvases or pictures hanging up in the area so that the size you choose flatters your overall decorating style.