Tips for Creating Birthday Cards for Sorority Sisters

Joining a sorority is a special experience for many. You get to become a loved sister, and the relationship you have with members can last a lifetime. A key part of being in any sorority is sending out special birthday cards to sisters who are about to have birthdays. Thanks to these creation tips, you won't struggle to make an amazing impact with these cards. 

Make It a Collective Process

Sororities are focused on shared experiences with sisters. It helps members grow close over the years. Along these lines, you want to take the same approach when creating sorority-themed birthday cards for members about to have birthdays.

Have members come together in group meetings where everyone can discuss ideas for making these cards stand out. Everyone can contribute to the design and fabrication, which allows your sorority to grow even closer together. Coming up with great ideas also will be fast-tracked because of everyone taking part. 

Incorporate Personal Elements

You want to tailor these birthday cards towards your sorority in some way, but they also need to have elements that are personal to the sisters having birthdays. Then these cards will be more unique and have a better impact at the end of the day.

You shouldn't struggle to find out what personal elements to include for members that have been around for a couple of years. For new members, you might just hold informal gatherings that let you see who sisters are as people and what they like. Then you can customize sorority birthday cards based on what you find out.

Use a Professional Delivery Service

Once you finish designing these sorority birthday cards, you have the option of handing them to members with birthdays in person or sending them in the mail. The latter option actually might be better because it creates more mystery and excitement.

They initially won't know what the mail is or who it's from. You just need to use a professional delivery service that can drop off the sorority birthday cards at the right addresses when appropriate. You can create a more unique experience for sisters with this professional delivery approach. 

You can make sure all sisters in your sorority feel special on their birthdays by giving them professional cards. As long as you structure these cards correctly and put effort into every stage of the creation process, your sisters will feel like family on their birthdays. 

Talk to a local printing service to get help creating Delta Sigma Theta birthday cards